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Our Blog features Artist Spotlight(s); Student Highlight(s); Proposed Solution(s); and Business Tip(s). Our goal is to provide creatives, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and all members of our collective, access to resources, business networks, and a safe-space to establish a virtual support system.

Artist Spotlights

Check out our newest feature in our ‘Artist Spotlight! Watch as we upload original content from various Artists from diverse backgrounds around the world! We highlight a new creatives each month!

Student Highlights

Click the image above to view our most recent Student Highlight! Research papers? Academic talks? We highlight any scholarly work supporting the collective advancement and showcase our Students of Color each every three months!

Proposed Solutions

Are you tired of hearing more about problems, than you are its solution? Here is the open forum for you. Here we upload community solutions to real-life issues we are each facing daily. We envision this page to serve as a virtual safe-space for community members to express concerns and brainstorm possible solutions: e.g. think-tanks and networking meet-ups.