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UNITE Inc. is a nonprofit in California.  501(c)(3) Status Accepted!

Contact us to make a tax deductible donation to UNITE Inc. 


If you share UNITE’s vision and would like to make a larger investment, please join us in making that vision a new reality.  With your help, we can provide the resources and support that our community needs.


If you align with any of the titles below, please reach out to us about joining our network. Let’s work together to make our vision a reality:

1. Schools or other organization that primarily hosts underserved students of color 

2. Entrepreneurs or Small Business owner

3. Charitable Organizations

4. Groups that service underserved populations 


If you have experience tutoring, teaching, mentoring or if you have other expertise to offer, please contact us.  Together, we can turn our vision for underserved youth into a new reality. 

1. Social Media representatives 

2. Community Service volunteers 

3. Board Members 

4. Chapter Leaders 

5. Program Leaders

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